Chaotic Week!
aka "The Week From Hell"

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Now reality hits - if, in less than one week, we are to drive this car half-way across the country, we had better figure out how to get it insured and tagged in five days (or less)! Fortunately for us, the sellers agreed to overnight us the Title once they have received our full payment. No problem, right? WRONG!

 August 11, 2003

Although we had planned on paying for the ES entirely via PayPal, Monday morning we found out from the sellers that PayPal hit them with a huge fee for our 10% deposit. As a result, we opted to pay the balance by Cashiers Check. Fortunately, Nancy works near a branch of our bank, so she was able to go immediately to the bank, get the Cashiers Check, and make it to the Post Office by the end of her lunch hour. We overnighted the check to the sellers - the Post Office told us the envelope would be delivered before Noon on Tuesday, and that we should make sure that there would be someone at the other end to accept delivery. I began to wonder if we would be able to have all the necessary paperwork criss-cross the country in time. Time would tell.

In addition to everything else this week, Nancy received word today that her best friend's dad had died. Nancy made the decision to drive to Rochester for the funeral, which would be held on Wednesday. We totally forgot that the PGA was in Rochester this week, so there are NO hotels available for Tuesday night. Therefore, she will drive to Corning after work on Tuesday, and then drive the remaining hour or so Wednesday morning before the service. As long as she leaves Rochester by around 3 she should get home at a reasonable time on Wednesday.


 August 12, 2003

While waiting for our check to get to Colorado and the Title to make it to Jersey, the one thing I COULD take care of immediately was getting the car insured. Fortunately for us, it is not a requirement that a car be registered in order to be insured. This is truly a blessing, because we didn't need to have the title in hand for me to obtain insurance on the ES. All I needed was the VIN, mileage, value, etc., which the sellers provided me. We already have a classic car policy for my 1800E with Condon & Skelly, so it was a simple matter of adding the ES onto the policy. I left work early today in order to make it to Condon & Skelly's office (about 30 minutes away) before they closed at 5. After getting slightly lost, I walked in the door with about 10 minutes to spare. At first I wasn't sure they were even going to help me - but after a little persuasive arguing, they did. By 5:30pm we had insurance on the ES!

Today I received an e-mail from the sellers letting us know that the Title was in the mail, and should be delivered Wednesday. We alerted our daughter to be on the lookout for FedEx and to let us know as soon as it arrived. This was good news, for now we could go to DMV in Trenton on Thursday morning to get plates.

["Why Trenton? Why not the local DMV office?" you ask. Well, the only DMV office in the NJ that issues Classic Car plates on the spot is in Trenton. If we were to go into our local DMV office to register the car and get Classic Car plates, we would have had to wait for the plates to be mailed to us. Considering we were leaving in 3 days for Colorado, waiting for the plates to be mailed to us would not have worked.]


 August 13, 2003

By the time I got home on Wednesday, the title still had not arrived. Now I were starting to get a little concerned. I double checked with our daughter, and she said nobody from FedEx came all day. Oh GREAT!!! NOW what?!?!?!

Then the doorbell rang - it was our neighbors. Seems FedEx DID come by today - they just didn't bother to stop at OUR house to see if anyone was home. Instead, they immediately went next door and delivered the title there. WHEW!!! So now all the pieces are in place for us to go get tags.

Nancy made it back from Rochester around 9:30pm - a bit tired, but excited that the title had arrived.


 August 14, 2003

Thursday morning arrives, and Nancy and I drive both of our cars out to my office (we work on opposite ends of the state) so that she can drive us into Trenton, drop me off back at my office, and I can have my car available for driving home later that day. Things went very smoothly at DMV - and within an hour, Nancy walked out with plates for her ES.


 August 15, 2003

Now comes the hard part - PACKING for the trip. I wanted to bring basic tools with me, but was concerned about getting them on the plane. Nancy called the airline, and they said that as long as they are in our checked baggage, and we "declare" that the tools are in the baggage ahead of time, it would be no problem. The other challenge was to pack lightly since we were not going to have an over abundance of room available to us for the return trip. Somehow, we pulled it all off, and Friday night we went to bed in anticipation of a 2-hour sleep.


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